“I’m brand new to FitMD. Over the last several months I’ve noticed some weight gain that I wasn’t liking. I loved the concept of doctor-supervised weight loss and found out there’s a hormone component that I never thought of before. I’m looking forward to the results I’ll get with my treatment and if the way the FitMD treats me is any indication, I’m going to be really, really happy! Everyone here is GREAT!!”


“My FitMD experience has been positive all-around. I came in to help with my focus, libido and energy and I’ve noticed some good results. I love the way everyone cares so much and how they are always looking to educate me on health and wellness. I’d certainly recommend FitMD to anyone who wants to get the kind of results I got.”


“I’ve had such a better experience than what I had at my general healthcare doctor who did nothing to fix my problems and didn't develop a personal relationship to get to know me. Everyone at FitMD has made me feel welcome. They’ve answered all my questions and every time I email, they get back to me right away. While my life has improved already, I’m really looking forward to the results I’ll get over time!”


“I can’t believe how long I let myself feel the way I did. I didn’t realize how good I could feel! I credit the people at FitMD with helping me live my best life. I recommend seeing them sooner than later. You only have so much time…don’t waste any more of it!”


“FitMD is absolutely wonderful! I feel so much better than when I started. I went from having low energy, decreased focus, poor sleep to being able to do all the things I need to do in my life with much more energy and passion. I had also begun putting on weight, which really bummed me out.

With the program Jessica designed for me, I’ve done great! The entire team makes people feel welcome and like they really matter. I TOTALLY recommend FitMD if they want help to feel their best!”


“When I first found FitMD, I was kinda’ a mess 😊 . I couldn’t get restful sleep and my energy and focus were in the tank. I wasn’t feeling as “sexy” as I used to and was experiencing unexplained weight gain with an inability to lose the extra pounds. When I learned about FitMD from some good friends of mine who had gotten great results, I decided it was worth it for me to give it a try.

When I first met Jade, Jessica and Olivia, they made me feel really welcome and at home. I told them all the things I was feeling, and after looking at my blood work and my InBody test, they found out what was going on inside my body that was causing a lot of what I was feeling.

By following the plan that was customized for me I got even better results than I expected! I now am able to rest, think and focus better with higher amounts of energy. My love life has definitely improved and I’m getting my weight dialed in.

I’d absolutely recommend FitMD to anyone who needs guidance and help and wants it from a wonderful team of caring medical professionals.”


“I originally came to FitMD in order to lose weight in a program that was supervised by medical doctors, physician assistants and medical assistants. There are so many programs out there and I didn’t know where to turn so I thought that I should really trust my health to the experts.

I’m still on my journey and haven’t lost all the weight I need to, but since my very first visit, the FitMD team has taken me in and treated me like family. Jessica and the entire team have answered every question, listened to my thoughts and concerns and have supported me through the entire process. I look forward to the day when I reach my Optimized weight thanks to what I’m doing and learning at FitMD. Also, I LOVE the B12 injections…these are my energy–savers!!”


“When I first came to FitMD, I was looking to improve my energy levels…I was feeling tired all the time and had way too much to do to continue feeling the way I was feeling. Along with having low energy, I also noticed that the fat was much easier to put and the muscle seemed to be getting less and less with time.

Everyone at the clinic made me feel welcome and took great care of me from my very first visit. When I first started, Jessica and the entire team listened to me and answered all my questions so that they could put me on the specific plan that would work best for me. Throughout my entire program of care, FitMD has done all they can to help me reach my goals.

Since beginning my FitMD program, my life has improved…my energy is much better and I’m happier with how my body looks and performs. If anyone reading this is thinking about trying FitMD in order to Optimize their lives, I’d TOTALLY recommend it.”


“Before coming to FitMD, I noticed that my focus and energy was lower than I needed to get all my stuff done on a daily basis. Add to that I felt a lower sex drive than I thought was normal for someone my age and I knew something had to be done. I had heard about FitMD and the great results people had gotten there so I decided to give it a try.

I so appreciate the way the entire FitMD team has made me feel welcome…they’ve taken GREAT care of me and based on my results, I’d certainly recommend FitMD to anyone who’s feeling like I did when I first started.”