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Four Pillars, One Treatment Plan Catered to You

Are you tired of feeling like you’re “not yourself”? Have you tried every potential solution in the book to improve your overall health, energy, and mood just to return to square one?

Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in Westminster and Wheat Ridge, CO, at Fit MD, can help.

At Fit MD, our only mission is to help people Live Optimized. For us, that means using the latest and most effective knowledge and tools available, allowing each patient to excel in the areas of their lives that mean the most to them. Simultaneously, we support them as they engage in activities they genuinely enjoy—the ones that make life special and unique.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) continues to surge in popularity, yet most remain uninformed about its positive impacts.

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Comprehensive Consultation

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Complete Blood Panel

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Customized Treatment Program

Who We Serve

Fit MD caters to two primary categories of patients seeking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in Westminster and Wheat Ridge:

  1. Patients with Hormone Imbalances: Men and women experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms may require HRT to restore optimal levels.
  2. High-Performers: Men and women excelling physically, mentally, and emotionally may seek to maintain excellence well into their future.

Regardless of which category you fall into, we can design a program to meet your needs. Using our 4-Pillar system, we can work with your genetics and lifestyle to Live Optimized through personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy in Westminster and Wheat Ridge.

The Four Pillars

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1. Comprehensive Consultation

Before starting treatment, our doctor and healthcare team must fully understand your specific symptoms, goals, and needs. Each patient goes through an in-depth family history and consultation process, followed by a physical examination. This way, we can understand the best next steps.

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2. Biometrics

Our InBody biometric scanner measures over 20 unique variables that reveal your baseline health, fitness, and performance levels. This unique scan lets us track your progress every week. The regular and ongoing measurement of your key body metrics via the InBody assures that your program is working. It also gives us the exact knowledge needed to alter your program easily and quickly.

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3. Complete Blood Panel

The lab work we order for our patients goes WAY beyond the basic panel doctors who do not specialize in HRT order. By analyzing unique aspects of your blood, we confidently prescribe a medication regimen to regulate your hormone levels.

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4. Customized Treatment Program

With HRT, many medications can be used to help you Live Optimized. By analyzing data from your first 3 Pillars, we create the best, most customized plan for you and provide the utmost support at every step.


Hormones Evaluated for Treatment

We assess several vital hormones in our commitment to optimizing your life through personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy in Westminster and Wheat Ridge. Restoring imbalances can lead to transformative changes in weeks to months. 

Here are the most common hormones we evaluate and use in our customized treatment protocols at Fit MD:

  1. Estrogen: Present in both males and females. But, in females, the levels are much more dominant as this hormone is responsible for female sexual reproductive health. There are (3) types of estrogen, with one (Estrone) present only after menopause. Imbalances in estrogen can cause many symptoms that relate to sexual health, weight gain, emotional health, and skin health.
  2. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): Used in males to assist with natural testosterone production. As part of testosterone replacement therapy, the patient receives an injection of HCG three days after taking testosterone. This ensures consistent testosterone levels throughout the week. Injections introduce external testosterone, while HCG stimulates the body to produce its own.
  3. Gonadorelin: Assists males in the natural production of testosterone. Gonadorelin is an alternative to HCG, administered by injection.
  4. Progesterone: Works in tandem with estrogen to maintain reproductive health in females. The ovaries release this hormone and are closely tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.
  5. Testosterone: While present in low levels in women, it is the dominant sex hormone in men. This hormone directly impacts sexual health, muscle mass, bone mass, fat mass, and emotional health in both men and women.

Thyroid Hormones: A group of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. These hormones regulate metabolism, determining how the body processes food, stores or burns fat, and controls temperature.

Choose Fit MD for

Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy in Westminster & Wheat Ridge

At Fit MD, our approach to HRT reflects a fusion of expertise, personalized care, and commitment to patient wellness. We use advanced technology to monitor progress, make timely adjustments, and ensure treatment program efficacy.

We prioritize your well-being with a patient-centered approach, listen to your concerns, and understand your needs. Our deep understanding lets us design a treatment plan aligned with your lifestyle and goals. 

Choose Fit MD for personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy in Westminster and Wheat Ridge. Let us guide you on your journey to optimal health and wellness. Book your free consultation today.

Real people

Real reviews.

My FitMD experience has been positive all-around. I came in to help with my focus, libido and energy and I’ve noticed some good results. I love the way everyone cares so much and how they are always looking to educate me on health and wellness. I’d certainly recommend FitMD to anyone who wants to get the kind of results I got.


I’ve had such a better experience than what I had at my general healthcare doctor who did nothing to fix my problems and didn’t develop a personal relationship to get to know me. Everyone at FitMD has made me feel welcome. They’ve answered all my questions and every time I email, they get back to me right away. While my life has improved already, I’m really looking forward to the results I’ll get over time!


I can’t believe how long I let myself feel the way I did. I didn’t realize how good I could feel! I credit the people at FitMD with helping me live my best life. I recommend seeing them sooner than later. You only have so much time…don’t waste any more of it!


I’m brand new to FitMD. Over the last several months I’ve noticed some weight gain that I wasn’t liking. I loved the concept of doctor-supervised weight loss and found out there’s a hormone component that I never thought of before. I’m looking forward to the results I’ll get with my treatment and if the way the FitMD treats me is any indication, I’m going to be really, really happy! Everyone here is GREAT!!