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During your complimentary consultation, a Fit MD professional will perform a medical-grade body compositional analysis, discuss your medical history and work with you to determine the best weight loss plan to suite your needs and reach your goals.

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Weight Loss Programs for Men - Denver, CO

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Justin Tapia Fit MD Weightloss Denver

“I came to Fit MD to get continued help with my weight loss goals. Starting at 334 lbs and now 199 lbs and counting (all within a year), Dr. Ramos and his team have provided me with the tools I needed to gain lean muscle and lose fat. They were always there for support and monitored my weight loss to make sure it was safe and effective.

Because of Fit MD I continue to lose weight, gain muscle, and get back my self confidence – on my way to a healthier me!

Justin Tapia

Westminster, CO

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