It’s Not You…It’s Your Hormones.

The loss of a person’s sex drive is caused by diminishing hormone levels in menopausal men and women. (Yes, men go through menopause too!) Erection and/or sexual stimulation begin in the brain. The neuronal testosterone-receptor sites, when working properly, trigger a surge of biochemical events involving the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Free testosterone brings on sexual desire and facilitates both sensation and performance.

Low testosterone levels directly affect the quality of a man’s sex drive. Waning levels also contribute to a woman’s low libido, even though she only has 5% – 10% the amount of testosterone that a man has.

Although it would seem that raising one’s free testosterone levels is the easy, cut-and-dry solution, it’s not quite that simple. If excess estrogen is coming into play, it can impact testosterone’s effectiveness by encouraging the rise of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). (That’s not a good thing for your libido.)

SHBG binds free testosterone into a non-active testosterone, making it unable to be picked up by testosterone receptors. This results in testosterone being unable to produce the desired libido-enhancing effects, because it must be in a free form. In other words, testosterone must increase, but the excess estrogen must also be suppressed.

Do you have hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism? Studies also show that these thyroid problems negatively impact testosterone metabolism. A thyroid hormone deficiency can contribute to hypogonadism and affect sexual behavior and performance. The result is erectile dysfunction and/or premature and delayed ejaculation.

It is important to periodically monitor hormone levels when bolstering free testosterone. Whether you are using a stimulating hormone, or direct testosterone injections, you may be producing estrogen through aromatization: a process that adds to the normal estrogen already present in your system.

The key is to restore a youthful, hormone balance. The goal is not to replace the body’s hormones, but to instead encourage the body to do what it can on its own. The first step is to stimulate the body to make hormones on its own, then complement diminished hormones (detected by testing the blood) with bioidentical hormones.

Fit MD’s personalized hormone therapy programs can revive both male and female sex drives. You can enjoy vibrant health, enhanced libido, more energy and a youthful life – get started today!

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