Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

So you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Now what?

The good news is that your condition may be completely treatable and reversible. You are not alone. About 30 million men in the United States have ED. It can happen at any age, but is more common in men older than 65. Ready for some more good news? ED is treatable at any age.

The Ups and Downs of Erectile Dysfunction

Most men shutter at the mere thought of the term erectile dysfunction (ED). Just two letters, when used as an abbreviation, have a significant impact on your life and those around you.

The term erectile dysfunction can be incredibly misleading. When there is an imbalance of hormone levels at the root of your ED, it’s more of a cause and effect type of situation than a dysfunction of your anatomy.

In addition to a hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of ailments including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, certain prescription medications, heart disease and more. In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be the first indication of a very serious underlying health condition.

That’s why when you come to Fit MD to discuss ED, our physicians conduct a whole and comprehensive evaluation of your health. There is no one size fits all solution for erectile dysfunction. Your ED treatment may be a combination of multiple therapies that include hormone replacement, nutrition and fitness.


Andropause and Erectile Dysfunction

Andropause is often a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. Andropause is the male version of menopause and causes changes to your hormone levels. Men going through andropause will experience dips in testosterone, however, some men experience a much lower dip than others. When one hormone in your body is deficient (or is in excess), it affects the rest of your hormones. This chain reaction sets off a number of symptoms and conditions related to hormonal imbalances, including erectile dysfunction.

After age 30 testosterone levels in men decline by about 1-2% each year. Lower levels of testosterone and other hormones in your body can affect your sexual drive, function and performance. Hormone replacement therapy is a proven solution to help men with ED and it may be able to help you too. But you won’t know unless you call Fit MD.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just a normal part of aging that you have to accept. Hormone replacement therapy and testosterone treatments can restore your sexual function and performance.

Remember what it was like when you had a strong sexual drive? When you were more confident in yourself? Don’t assume or accept that as you age you will have to become accustomed to a diminished sexual capacity. Fit MD can help.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Your Erectile Dysfunction?

If your erectile dysfunction is caused by low testosterone, testosterone therapy or hormone replacement may be all you need to restore your sexual function, interest and performance.

The first step is to call Fit MD to have your hormone levels checked. A simple test will determine if your erectile dysfunction is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

If your ED is not caused by a hormonal imbalance, our physicians will test for other contributing factors. In addition to hormone treatment programs, Fit MD can customize a number of different solutions that will bring you back to optimal health and performance.

Our physicians will review your health analysis with you and discuss the options that will work best for your body.

The physicians at Fit MD are nationally recognized experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy. If you have made up your mind that you won’t accept erectile dysfunction as a normal part of aging and are ready to get back to your old young self, schedule an appointment to have a complete and thorough analysis of your health.

Reclaim yourself and your health. Restore your sex drive and increase your energy, alertness, strength and stamina.

Call us at 720.295.1229 to find out if you are a candidate for testosterone therapy and other hormone enhancing treatments.



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