Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hot Flashes in Women

Menopause & Hot Flashes

Menopause & Hot FlashesAre You Experiencing Hot Flashes?

Most of us have either experienced them, or at least witnessed them.

Hot flashes, or  hot flushes,  are characterized by a sudden and intense feeling of heat on your face and upper body. Hot flashes can last from a few seconds to an hour and are often associated with sweating, increased heart rate, nausea, headache, anxiety, dizziness, and weakness. It is a suffocating feeling that often leaves your face red and sometimes finishes with an equally sudden chill.

Hot Flashes and Hormones: What Causes Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are one of the most recognizable symptoms of menopause. Like other menopausal symptoms, they are caused by a hormone imbalance in the body. Environmental, medical and nutritional aspects may also contribute to their frequency and strength.

The specific cause of hot flashes is often low estrogen and the resulting effects on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls appetite, sex hormones, sleep and body temperature. Low estrogen levels trick the hypothalamus into believing that the body is too hot. It then triggers a hot flash in an attempt to rid the body of this nonexistent excess heat.

The Solution

Hot flashes and hormones are directly related.  You don’t have to just deal with the inconvenience and uncomfortable feeling of hot flashes. Natural hormone therapy is an ideal solution that takes care of the problem at its root cause, rather than just masking the symptoms. The bioidentical hormone therapy programs offered by Fit MD start by measuring the current levels of your hormones. You are then prescribed with customized solutions to get your body back in balance and maintaining ideal hormone levels. Once your hormones are balanced and back to normal you should experience relief from the perimenopause and menopausal symptoms and an end to hot flashes.

Contact the Fit MD nearest you to schedule an appointment and learn more about how hormone therapy can take advantage of the connection between hot flashes and hormones to provide you with relief.

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